We're so glad you've found us!

RUF meets Wednesday nights from 7:00-8:00 pm in Brooks Commons inside Cannon Chapel.  If you have any questions, please e-mail us. The evening consists of announcements, singing, and a message from Scripture.  RUF strives to be a rest stop for weary Christians, a safe place for skeptics, and an inviting space for all.
What is RUF anyway?

RUF stands for Reformed University Fellowship. It is not a youth group for older kids. We aim at helping students transition from adolescence to young adulthood; from merely what their parents believed for them to what they believe for themselves.

It is presupposed that students attend Emory to develop academically and intellectually. They are preparing to be doctors, lawyers, teachers, scientists, business professionals, and more. However, their education extends well beyond classroom and lecture hall. Everywhere they turn they are confronted by alternate beliefs and ideologies about the meaning and application of what they are learning.

In addition to being exciting and sometimes intimidating, the diversity of perspectives at Emory is fertile soil for the Gospel. RUF enters into this wonderful exchange of ideas. We affirm the university experience and are not afraid of it, believing that if God’s truth really is true, then it will flourish when examined honestly. Our prayer is that our students grow in grace and in their love for their fellow students and see Emory as an excellent place to live out their faith in an authentic way. We also hope that non-Christian students see RUF as an open door, wherein they can investigate the claims of Christ, have their questions respectfully addressed, and be loved well.

Meet some of our students and learn more about RUF by watching our above video.