What we do on the regular.


We meet every Wednesday night from 7-8 in Brooks Commons inside Cannon Chapel. Our large group meetings include announcements at upcoming events, a time of singing and worship, and a talk from our campus minister, Stephen Maginas.


We have a variety of small groups that meet on a weekly basis. These small groups function as a way for Christians and nonchristians to come together as they study the Bible and grow in community with one another. If you would like join a small group please contact Stephen Maginas at


We go to three conferences every year: Fall Conference for one weekend in October, Winter Conference for one weekend in February, and Summer Conference one week in May after finals. These conferences consist of seminars, large group meetings, and tons of free time. During free time you have the freedom to do nothing at all/whatever you like or play in some of our intramural sports tournaments. Conferences are a great time to get away from campus for a bit and get to know other students in RUF better. They are also opportunites to grow in your knowledge of grace and the Gospel.


Our full time jobs are to serve the campus of Emory. We would love to meet you for a meal, coffee, or whatever your heart desires. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Stephen, Campus Minister: 678.770.9806,

Laura, Campus Staff: 434.238.8873,